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Immersive Media: Press Kit


For the last 40+ years the world has been creating 2D websites that you visit everyday. From social media platforms, news or sport websites to online shopping sites. We all visit these in our everyday lives. The average time for a consumer to be on a website is approximately 2.5 minutes.

3D immersive games hold a users attention on average for approximately 2.5 HOURS!

We have begun bringing the two above examples closer together. Imagine a future where you no longer visit any 2D websites as you know them today, but you jump between 3D immersive worlds.

The upside for publishers and media networks is an obvious one. Hold the consumers attention for longer and your products, advertising and content will all be worth a lot more.


Envisage the way you currently browse or shop for a house. You trawl through listing sites looking at 2D images. 

Now jump forward to an immersive world where you can wander through virtual replicas of the streets and houses you wish to inspect, seeing everything you would see as if you were inspecting the house in real life. Greeted by an agent's avatar (virtual self) at the door who you can talk to in real time as they show you through the house.

No more rushing between houses on a Saturday only to get to see a few of them at best. The virtual experience would allow you to visit dozens, if no hundreds in a single day.


Transport yourself away from a 2D shopping website in to an immersive experience where your avatar (virtual self) can walk in to a shopping centre and individual stores, view items in 3D, only see items that suit your real size (matched to your avatar measurements), purchase via ecommerce options with currencies including crypto and have items delivered to your home that or the next day.
The instore visual experience is supported by real sales staff who can talk to you live in real time, offering advice or guidance on whatever the product may be. 2D websites just don't offer that same customer service level. This increases sales revenue, the same as it does in a physical retail outlet.


The advertising and media opportunities in virtual worlds are far greater than the traditional 2D websites. Merging images, video, product placements and interactive opportunities takes audiences to the next level.

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